3 important reasons to teach coding to Teenagers in 2020

Importance of coding to teenagers
Importance of coding to teenagers

In the last two decades, there has been no skill more important than coding to make a secure living. During the IT boom in India people who barely knew how to code became part of the richest class through that skill. With every industry digitizing to leave out inefficiencies, having a basic understanding of computers and coding will make your job and life easier and help you become successful.

Till now coding was taught in institutions for undergrads who opted for the computer science or information technology stream. Today We will show you why coding is a skill that should be taught to teenagers.

Importance of coding to teenagers

Creating a kid’s code is a collection of opportunities available to children to participate in code writing. These opportunities are meant to be fun and played to keep the little mind involved.

And while it’s hard to imagine that the little brain learns something that seems complicated, coding for kids is real – thanks to the many summer camps, websites, coding instructors, after-school programs, and toys, coding can be really digestible.

#1. Coding’s increasing importance

Every day more and more activities are depending on coding. For example, earlier it was easy to start a business but now have an app and website is necessary which involves developing and coding.

 It helps kids develop problem-solving skills Coding in its essence is problem-solving at its finest. You break a complex problem into smaller pieces and solve each of them individually by failing and trying again. Teens can understand the mistakes and the patience it takes to solve a complex problem.

#2. Coding increases creativity

Coding gives them a language to express themselves either it may be building their own app or coding an Arduino to make something. It gives them wings to their crazy ideas. Kids nowadays are tech-savvy from an early age. Their young minds come up with ideas that can simplify things, coding gives them the tool to do so. Imagine you are a kid in the 1980s since all the toys and environment mostly involved mechanical things you needed to learn how to use tools to build your ideas, similarly, kids today need coding.

#3. Coding strengthens academic skills

Coding is known to improve concentration, focus and the vastness of the field will help kids get the intuition of tough concepts like algebra and trigonometry. The long process of debugging will teach them perseverance at an early age. It also helps them build confidence in their abilities as coding is often associated with smartness.

In our view, teaching children’s code is something that can be done in kindergarten. In fact, we have a complete post dedicated to ideas for finding preschool kids that start with coding. You can read this here.

Teenagers have a creative mind. Coding helps them learn to persevere if their original strategy doesn’t work. The future job market will require that patience, especially when it comes to the system because the current generation of teenagers have learned a lot about technology. People with strong planning skills are well paid in the current market, and will only enjoy increased opportunities in the future.

When should my child learn the code?

At the age of 5, children can learn the basics of coding.

Even children who cannot read can learn to enter code with block-based coding. Check out skilbucks app that can help kids like 4 or 5 of you learn to write code.

Get Skilbucks, to find multiple coding courses from all the best education platforms in one place, see what coding courses students in your community are learning. Also, we reward your children to encourage them to learn coding on their own.

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