20 ways you can lead a more efficient life

ways you can lead more efficient life
ways to lead a more efficient life

We all want to lead an efficient life but sometimes, in our business and the myriad things that we want to achieve in our life, we lose track of how to lead a simple, yet impactful life.

Today, we’ll remind you things you might already know yet don’t practice consciously.
But you have to promise, after reading this, you’ll try to implement as many as possible.

Are you game?

Then let’s understand 20 ways you can lead a more efficient life:

1 Wake up early: We’ve heard this repeatedly from our older generation, and we understand and agree to its importance but yet we become a blind eye to it. It’s not about waking up at 5am or 6am for the sake of it.

Waking up early has proven to increase your ability to become more productive. The silence enables you to focus more on the present and it’s the best way to get on with your day.

Start with waking half an hour early from your regular routine. Follow it religiously for a week and you’ll notice a difference by yourself!

2 – Bask under the sun: Okay, so you’re up early but still feel sleepy? What’s an antidote to that? Of course, apart from the regular brush-bathe-breathe routine, what I suggest is go to your terrace or if you have a lavish balcony with enormous sunlight, go and get en-lightened!

The rays from the sun are the most important (and free!) source of energy. If you have that, you wouldn’t need any energy bars or drinks to energize you!

If you cannot make it during the day, try during the dusk. But regularly bask under the sun for a few minutes and let the warmness make you smile. Appreciate the beautiful view nature has blessed you with! Not all are that lucky to get this.

You would not need a trip of trekking or mountaineering anytime soon if you follow this daily.

3- Planting: Ask anyone who likes gardening why they love plants and they would list you a hundred reasons why you should adopt a plant by yourself!

Well, that’s the power of green!

Plants are a vital source of energy and positivity. Which other living being breathes in the polluted carbon dioxide to give you clean oxygen? Also, plants make a great baby! If you adopt a plant, you feel responsible for its growth. You would eventually want your baby to nurture, right? It gives you a purpose.

And it’s this sense of purpose which eventually motivates us to strive higher and lead an effective way of life!

4 – Analyse, observe & interpret: Find time to analyze your environment, observe the details, and interpret from it. There’s a lot one can understand from just observing the little nitty-gritty of our environment or from another human being.

Suppose you attend somebody’s lecture in English. You will understand the way they speak, their choice of words, and how they pronounce certain words. This will eventually help you identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you can improve your skills.

5 – Follow a routine: Always adhere to a routine. Routine alerts the mind and curbs laziness. Following a routine helps you build and maintain consistency which is the most important habit one needs to adhere to in order to be successful in anything they do.

6 – Read: There’s no better way to lead an effective life than to read. Read, read, and read. Read anything which intrigues you but makes it a habit to read daily.

Reading helps you to acquire knowledge and broadens your horizon. Reading is a luxury so invest in it.

7 – Journal: Well, if you are a reader, chances are you love to write as well. Make it a point to journal at least two pages every day. It can be about anything.

In the long, run you’ll be amazed to see the difference it makes in your life. If you follow it strictly, writing can become an addiction you wouldn’t want to get over with.

8 – Self-talk: We can talk to others for hours but we forget to have the most important talk with the one who matters the most- ourselves!

It’s crucial if you need to have an impactful and effective life, that you talk to yourself daily. You’ll get wonderful ideas and it’s a very healthy approach to live a productive life.

9 – Increase your attention-span by meditation/aptitude learning: If you’re someone whose attention span is like that of a cheetah running to catch its prey, don’t worry, you’re not alone. In this digital era, it has become normal to have an attention span which becomes too tedious to focus.

Blame it on electronics, yes it’s an easy way out, but aren’t we the ones who used it way too much? Well, one way to increase your focus and attention span is meditating and solving aptitudes or IQ tests (like the one you do for any competitive exam).

It makes us think logically, thereby strengthening our focus to solve any problem with ease and determination.

10 – Workout: Could be running, jogging, stretching, or anything as long as you move your entire body. As we all know working out releases a hormone called endorphins whose main work is to make us happy.

So don’t you think we owe our endorphins a bit of happiness as well?

11 – Get involved in community work: Associate yourself with your society’s or locality’s community. Chalk out the areas which need to be improved. Community work gives us a sense of leadership and ownership which can eventually help us understand who we truly are in lieu of making the world a better place.

12 – Clean & organize: Though it’s associated with household chores, cleaning has proven to be an effective way to tackle stress and anxiety. Cleaning makes us in control of our actions and thereby we tend to do it in a more effective way so as to remove all the dust or organize a disorganized area.

Organizing signals the brain to curb negative emotions like confusion, irritability, and undue worry and helps align our mind to focus.

13 – Use color therapy: Colour therapy is a wonderful way to heal you if you’re going through a difficult, confusing phase in your life. Colour therapy is used to infuse your mind with positivity, eliminate negative emotions, and instill energy in your body.

Color therapy is a very effective way to treat various ailments. If possible, try to keep a red or yellow colored placard with you. Red symbolizes energy and yellow encourages you to take action.

14 – Create and fulfill the things on your bucket list: We all have a bucket list, things we want to achieve before we reach a certain age, a time-limit we give ourselves to fulfill this or that. Having a bucket list enables us to work towards fulfilling it sincerely and truthfully.

So one must definitely create at least a couple of things they need to achieve in a stipulated time. Make sure it challenges you and be sure to fulfill it!

15 – Help others: What’s a life lived if you’ve not helped someone selflessly? It could be anything as simple as helping someone cross the road, or reviewing a restaurant you found when in the middle of a desert!

But be sure to do at least one activity a day for others. It’s a mark of empathetic and compassionate behavior which goes a long way.

16 – Get involved in a sport: Getting involved in a sport improves our mental, physical as well as overall well-being. If we’re involved in any multiplayer sport, it nurtures our tactics to cooperate, improves our communication skills, builds team spirit which matures an individual. Individual sports like chess develops our analytical mind and improves our intelligence.

17- Upgrade and adapt new skills: Learn a new language, new skills, or some cool video editing skills. Learn that calligraphy technique or join a photography school! Learn some technical skills like social media techniques or just follow your passion for riding a bike. But be sure to adapt new skills that will hone your overall personality.

18 – Do/learn something new daily: It could be anything. Trying a new cuisine, or the way you part your hair. It could be the way you talk or just another way of saying ‘hello’! But be sure, once a day, you learn a new word in any language or do something different, which makes you feel different and get out of your comfort zone!

19 – Smile and laugh genuinely: Don’t just smile for a picture – which hardly lasts ten seconds! Smile genuinely and laugh from your gut! Smile at the smallest victory and laugh at the craziest joke.
Laugh with all your might and smile as if your crush has accepted your proposal!

20 –  Love yourself: Lastly, value yourself above all. Listen to self-assuring recordings of how invaluable you are to the world. How different the people around you would be had it not been for your birth.

We often under-value ourselves when we see someone striking higher than us. But it’s important to assure ourselves about the difference between our journey and purpose.

Hope you implement a few of the ways from the article. Be sure to convey your unique ways to lead an efficient life. 🙂

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