5 different ways of earning money during the COVID crisis.

This COVID Crisis has ruined many of our summer plans, but that doesn’t mean we have lost the opportunity to learn and try new ways of earning money. We agree it is a sad state for kids and adolescents to keep them away from their joy in such a beautiful summer like this, but apart from binging Netflix or gaming online for 6 hours straight, this crisis can also be a wonderful opportunity to help your community.

Try new things, take responsibility, and earn some cash. In the article, we will suggest some ideas for you to earn the use of your free time to earn money so you can spend it all once we get through this.

In the case of Covid-19 everything changes, the lifestyle changes, what is wrong and what does not change, and with it changes the most important part of life, namely how to earn money for household chores.

The situation of COVID has not only affected people living in poverty but everyone in India and around the world has been affected in some way.

5 different ways of earning money in pandemic

#1. Create DIY crafts and Sell

Many teenagers are making DIY projects which the society needs and appreciates and is selling them. These can be anything from a fancy phone holder to a dream catcher. All you require is a social media account to promote your products and E kart to deliver them.

There are many channels like Incredibles.com to help you improve your DIY skills and make more versatile things. It is up to you to decide if you want to make cheap DIY products or invest in woodcutters and lathes to make expensive art. You can also choose to sell them online and ship them across the country.

#2. Sell your old stuff

ways of earning money
Sell old stuff

When you are in need of money the quickest way to earn, is by selling your old stuff on OLX or near home. You can start by selling your old textbooks and notebooks which are helpful to younger kids to selling your expensive videogames and toy cars on OLX or Facebook Marketplace.

#3. Pet Sitting, Babysitting, and Housesitting

A lot of people are stranded in different cities than they live in and need someone to take care of their pets, plants, and in the case of working parents, kids. You can help them by looking after their needs in their absence in return for some money. Babysitting is a major way kid in western countries earn pocket money.

#4. Home tuitions

ways of earning money in pandemic
Home tuitions

Many schools have already opted for online classes and parents are worried about the virus to send their kids to tuitions outside the society. You can open a tuition class to help kids in their subjects which you are comfortable in to earn some regular cash.

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#5. Be your locality’s IT guy You can help elders and your neighbors in understanding their phone and doing tasks like booking tickets or ordering online and earn money for your services. This also a nice way to network in your locality.

The conclusion

How can you make money at home in this Covid-19 situation?

I think you have found the answer to this question. I wish you the opportunity to apply for homework in which you are interested and have a good future. As the saying goes – “Start working on your plan today to free yourself tomorrow” by Michael Baisden

I urge all of you to strive to be aatm nirbhar so that together we can lead India, the world, and our future generations to have a bright future.

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