How to help your kid with the online school during covid19.

Help your kid to attend online school in pandemic
Help your kid in pandemic

COVID Crisis has been hard on Families, particularly on kids leading them to attend an online school. This crisis has left them anxious, sad, and shocked. Hearing about all the deaths at the adolescent age can have a long-lasting mental effect.

With no other choice, the schools have been forced to adopt online classes robbing them of the holistic experience you get in school. You need to understand they are going to have a hard time shifting to an online mode of schooling. Here are a few things you can do to help them adjust to the ‘new normal’.

Tips to help your kid with online school

1. Give them the facts:

Talk about all the positive news and facts about COVID. Do not let them watch the news for long. Affirm them that their immune system is good and if they wear a mask and follow social distancing, they will have no problem. Give them hope about vaccines.

2. Plan a structured time table:

Routine similar to school time table
Routine similar to school time table

Make them follow a similar to school routine at home. Have an hour for recreation and fun. Give them incentives to follow the time table and understand and forgive if they fail to adhere here and there. This will make them think of learning as a disciplined process just like school.

3. Make learning fun:

Keep in mind it is important to focus on the mental health of your children. Online classes can be monotonous and bore your kid. Try to keep their mood up. Motivate them to put the efforts needed for the school but keep in mind to give them enough breaks for them to refresh the mind. Watch a tv show with them or play a board game. Having a better mood while learning will help them achieve good results.

4. Keep them focused while learning:

Have each child create a personal goal that he or she would like to accomplish by the end of the school year — something they normally wouldn’t have time for, but now they do! Work on the goal daily/weekly. Use everyday occurrences as opportunities for learning — chances to teach valuable life skills. Take it outside! Work on homework or conduct classes on the front porch or in the backyard to get some fresh air. Completing math problems? Bust out that sidewalk chalk.

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Finally, allowing yourself and your loved ones some extra flexibility as you move through the day is encouraged. After all, we are charting new territory.

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