How To Start Your Own Streaming Channel During COVID19?

start your streaming channel
Start your streaming channel

Let’s face it, 2020 hasn’t been easy on any of us in any field. We all have been imprisoned in our homes for too long with nothing to do. Thank god for our smartphones and play stations for being there for us and keeping us engaged in this trying time for online learning and earning. But for some people who have a spark of doing something useful and productive, there aren’t many options due to the COVID Crisis. What if I tell you, you can play your PubG and Fortnite and still be productive

I am talking about building your own streaming channel. Gaming has become a language that kids across most countries understand. When we game online, we forget our differences and fight as one, that is why gaming channels occupy a large share among top YouTubers with streamers with a huge following like Ninja and PewDiePie to India’s Carry minati and Tanmay Bhat. In this article, we will help you get your own streaming channel and build an organic audience base so next time your family says “Gaming all day won’t earn you anything” you can show them it does.

Things to ponder over before you start any streaming channel.

1. On what device so you want to stream? Streaming can be done via a PC or Mac. If you’re starting from scratch and planning on buying a dedicated machine, you’ll find more versatile software available for Windows.

2. What kind of streamer do you want to be? Popular streamers have a webcam to show their excitement and expressions while they game, but this isn’t a must. Some might be comfortable staying out of sight.

3. Where do you want to stream?  There are so many streaming platforms, Twitch and YouTube being the most popular ones.

4. Be prepared to put in a lot of effort. Streaming often is associated with a lot of glitches and abrupt stops. Getting good equipment can alleviate a lot of these headaches but it certainly won’t end them.

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Gears you will need:

The equipment available in the market are of a wide variety. Some streamers use costly gears such as a green screen, a video controller, etc but we will discuss the basic equipment you need to start streaming.

1. Console:

You need a regular console and a capture card to capture the video and audio from the console and send it to the computer via USB. We most often play on an Xbox One X or a Nintendo Switch.

2. Audio:

Next up is a microphone. This is probably where you’ll have the most options. While not everyone wants to broadcast their face to the world, you should definitely have some kind of a mic to provide commentary, or else you’re just streaming uninterrupted, gameplay of a game some studio probably put thousands of hours of hard work into and giving away all of its secrets and wonders for free on the internet, and that’s just not cool

3. Webcam: 

You want to get your face out there while you’re gaming, you’ll need a webcam. We use a Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920. There are countless webcams on Amazon, and as long as you can get one that can stream at least 1080p you should be fine, though ultimately the quality of the video you capture will fluctuate along with the price of the hardware you choose.

Streaming Set up:

You need an Open Broadcast Software or OBS. This software usually comes with your capture card. This will ensure a smooth stream and easy to change between channels and screens. Always make it a habit to check all your gears are plugged in before after you start up the software and before you go live.

At this point, you are pretty much good to go! But if you want to add extra pizzazz to your stream check out cool templates to dress up your stream from websites like Stream Elements and Stream Labs.

It’s time to go live!!

Live streaming
Live streaming

Choose a streaming platform and go live. Keep interacting with your followers and collaborate with other streamers. Game streaming needs a lot of visibility. If you are good at a game then ask a few of your followers to join you and play with them. The key is engagement. Once you have enough followers you can monetize them by making a Patron account and organizing paid-only streams and interactions. You can also do paid promotions on your channel for up and coming brands to earn the brand of an influencer.

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