How to use zoom for online classes?

Online learning can be powerful, engaging, and rich in social interaction, but it requires a sensible approach from both the teacher and the students.

Using Zoom is not a rocket science, try using following steps: –

How to use zoom for online class
How to use zoom for online class

If using Zoom for the first time

Click on the link provided by your teacher to join the Zoom session. When you click on the link, Zoom will ask you if you would like to download the Zoom app or use your web browser. Then click on “download and Run Zoom” to get the zoom app

download  & run zoom
download & run zoom

After downloading Zoom, follow the instructions on your computer to install the program.

NOTE: You will only need to install the Zoom app once.

Once the app is installed, you will be asked if you want to join the video conference. Select “Join Video.”

join with video
join with video

Next, you will be asked if you want to join audio. Click the blue-button “Join with Computer Audio.”

join with computer audio
join with computer audio

Tip: If want to join automatically next time then, check out “Automatically join audio when you join a meeting.”

Using Zoom for second time

Whenever you click on link to Zoom, you may be told to “Open the app” Click on “Open the app

You will need to follow the steps again to join your video and audio, then be suspended from the meeting.

Hacks to make best of your zoom class “only for students”

A student in a class and a number of other students naturally behave in a respectful manner toward their classmates.

Such behavior may not be considered when a student joins the class from the family room of their home.


To make best for your learning, try using the following: –

  • Set aside one quiet room in which you can join the class each time.
  • Plan ahead to make sure there are no distractions during the study.
  • To avoid solving a technical problem during class, join the class a few minutes before the start time to make sure your audio and video are working.
  • Save time by joining the class and returning from breaks, stay until the end of class.
  • Make it a practice to ask questions from time to time or comment during the study, it allows you to overcome the tendency to be an inactive viewer while looking at a computer screen. This also reminds the teacher to pay attention to your needs and those of other distant students.
  • Without breaks, keep yourself in the field of viewing the camera.
  • Remember to silence your microphone when you are not speaking; external sounds that you may not notice are easily picked up by microphones.
  • Pay attention to all your role in the classroom in each session; do not drive during the session and continue eating and other personal activities to break times.

Savior Keyboard shortcuts of Zoom

To save time, you can try using following keyboard shortcuts

  1. Record Meeting: –

To start a meeting type cmd+shift+R on MAC or Alt+R on WINDOWS

To pause or resume a meeting type cmd+shift+P on MAC or Alt+P on WINDOWS

  • Share Screen: –

To start a screen share type cmd+shift+S on MAC or Alt+shift+S on WINDOWS

To stop a meeting type cmd+shift+T on MAC or Alt+T on WINDOWS

  • Mute Audio: –

To mute/unmute type cmd+shift+A on MAC or Alt+A on WINDOWS

  • Turn off video: –

To turn video on/off type cmd+shift+V on MAC or Alt+V on WINDOWS

Now a day’s learning is not limited to the classroom. It has dramatically changed its approach, especially during COVID19 pandemic. To make your classes interactive you can use the above hacks and shortcuts of ZOOM.

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